Intouch Shipping Technology LTD provides for all your dunnage bag, air bag and cargo securement needs (Inside and Out).
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Reusable and One-Time use Vinyl or Polyurethane Cargo Pillow© (Vinyl or Polyurethane dunnage bag)

Intouch Shipping Technology LTD (IST, Ltd) has developed both reusable and one-time use air bags (patent pending) with our unique stay in place latching tabs and safety flaps. With our one-time use bags, shippers can help their carrier for-hire enhance service both to them and their customer. Our bags are economical, light weight, durable and take only 90 seconds to inflate. 

poly Dunnage Bag

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 ISTLTD uses recycled materialsIntouch Shipping Technology LTD is proud to use recycled materials.