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 The Trailer Pneumatic Inflation System (TPIS)

TPIS undertruck view

Inflation may be an undesirable consequence of our economic times. But when it comes to proper tire inflation, it is always a good thing.

The transportation industry is an ever changing industry. High fuel cost, tolls and insurance, not to add the driver shortage and high driver turnover rate, plus just-in time deliveries, all continues to be an on-going challenge facing the transportation industry. However, these large expenses reveal an opportunity to reduce costs and increase profits. Operational improvements must be made to maintain and improve profit margins.

The Trailer Pneumatic Inflation System (TPIS) is a revolutionary new on-board inflation system designed for the truck and trailer. The need to develop systems that offer high return on investment and fast payback for large and small fleets of tractor-semi trailers prompted IST to pursue technology innovations aimed at freight protection and a tire pressure monitoring solution. The company's (TPIS), Cargo Pillows and tire pressure monitoring systems offer several unique benefits that differentiate them from internal systems. For the first time in trucking history, The TPIS allows for the inflation and maintenance of Tires, Cargo Pillows or operate pneumatic tools anywhere (even in the remote parts of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico). The TPIS gives the driver control to maximize on tire profits and stop freight damage during transit.

Trailer Pneumatic Inflation System


By far, under-inflation is a more common and serious problem. Reducing inflation pressure increases a tire's rolling resistance and hurts fuel economy. Plus, an under-inflated tire flexes more, which leads to increased and uneven tread wear. As a rule of thumb, tire life decreases 10 percent for every 10 percent it is under-inflated.

Under-inflation also makes a tire run hot. Increased flexing of the sidewall increases the temperature of the tire, which in turn increases the risk of a tire failure and blowout.

A low tire can cause other problems as well. The amount of air in each tire affects weight distribution between the wheels. An under-inflated tire does not carry it is full share of the load. This, in turn, affects chassis loading, traction, steering, alignment and braking. It may also cause a noticeable steering pull when driving or braking.

An under-inflated tire can also break traction more easily than one which is properly inflated, which can cause skidding during braking or hard cornering, or wheel spin when accelerating.

A tire that is properly inflated will provide safe driving, maximum traction, good handling and optimum tire life. Before the TPIS, dunnage air bags could only be inflated at a shipper's dock. The TPIS gives drivers control to inflate and maintain air bags to stop freight damage during transit. The driver can make adjustments to the air bags throughout their trip.

The components of the TPIS are protected within enclosures capable of withstanding continuous temperatures from -58°F (-50°C) up to 302°F (150°C). The enclosures protect the components from road debris, water, snow and salt.

The TPIS is easily mounted on any type of Tractor trailer. The TPIS is readily accessible to the driver. It can only be used while in the park position. The TPIS and air bags are lightweight, weighing less than 40 lbs. The Trailer Pneumatic Inflation System (TPIS) meets the requirements of National highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHSTA) and the Code of Federal Regulations CFR 49 Sec 571.121

Provide your Customer with Cargo Pillow Air Bag Service

The combination of (TPIS) and the REUSABLE cargo pillows provides your company with a complete air bag service at 3 different levels to increase revenue per mile, drivers pay along with provide your customers a new service tha you bill for depending on the level of protection they choose. For example every cargo pillow inflated at level 1 full protection, for a typical 53ft trailer takes 16 Cargo Pillows you could charge $5-$7, per bag, at level 2 half load trailer protections you could charge $8-$10 per bag to inflate. Always offer 1 or 2 bag to inflate for free a place on tail end of trailer. There is not a shippe/manufacturer that has experience transit damage in pass that will not pay for this service that you now offer.

Benefits of the Trailer Pneumatic Inflation System (TPIS) and cargo Pillow

  • Reduce Damage & Claims Protect the entire load from movement using the TPIS and air bags. The air bags absorb shocks from trailer movement over rough roads, through curves and turns. The air bags will minimize load shifts and reduce damage.
  • Save Time and Money Reduce time spent on the phone with OS&D and reduces administrative costs. Extend trailer life by not applying focused pressure on the trailer walls as with load locks. The TPIS and air bags will increase your revenue per mile.
  • Reduce Driver Turnover & Increase Safety Reduce driver frustration, reducing load damage, rehandling and restacking. The air bags maintain the load in place, reducing load shifts during corners and stops, increasing safety. The TPIS and air bags make the inexperienced driver load the cargo right the first time.
  • Expand Your Market Gain a competitive edge. The TPIS and inflatable air bags give an added value and service to offer to your clients. Now for the first time, the entire load can be protected from damage.
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction Product arrives as it left, without damage, dents or spoilage. Product's shelf-life is increased. Just-in-time delivery requires that each load counts.

Benefits (TPIS)

  • Reduced Tire Failures
  • Increased Stopping Distance
  • Reduced Tread Life
  • Reduced Fuel Economy

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