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The PRESSUREPRO Tire Monitoring System

The Most Advanced “DROP & HOOK” Capability

Tire-related costs are the single largest maintenance cost item for commercial vehicle fleet operators. Nationwide, the average tire-related costs per tractor-trailer are about 1.9 cents per mile, or about $2,375 for a 125,000 annual mileage operation.

For the average fleet operator in the United States, improper tire inflation increases the annual procurement costs for both new and retreaded tires by about 10% to 13%. Fuel economy loss due to improper tire inflation is about 0.6% for typical TL and LTL operations. Improper tire inflation is likely responsible for about one road call per year per tractor-trailer combination due to weakened and worn tires. For a typical TL or LTL operator, improper tire inflation increases the total operating costs by about $750 annually per tractor-trailer combination. Cost penalties for other types of fleets are similar and range from about $600 to $800.

The cost associated with routine tire pressure maintenance, combined with the increased costs due to poor inflation, arguably represents the total costs that could be addressed (that is, reduced) by The PressurePro tire pressure monitoring systems. An average 18-wheel tractor-trailer could easily take 30 minutes to check the pressure of each tire and add air to two or three of the tires. The tire pressure monitoring check tire pressures continually and relays that information to the driver in the cab.

Intelligent Repeater (MONITOR) Part number ITMA16) Tire Pressure Monitor Systems
Coax Cable Antenna (Part number ABPCA)
Fixed End Power Cord (Part number AAPC5)

Intelligent “DROP & HOOK” Repeater (Part number IRA16) 7”
Whip Antenna (Part number AAP08)
Molex Power Cord (Part number AAPC11)

Sensors (Part number APS1)

A Sensor for Each Wheel

The tire pressure monitoring solutions are focused on heavy-duty truck fleets and include two different types of monitors, which support 18-wheel and 34-wheel tractor-semi trailer combinations. Its tire pressure monitor derives air pressure measurements wirelessly from external sensors that are screwed onto the valve stems by replacing the dust cap and that constantly monitors tire pressure, immediately transmitting low-pressure readings when they occur. They are designed for a wide range of truck and trailer sizes, dimensions, and vocations. Monitors installed in the dashboard deliver accurate tire-pressure readings from sensors mounted on each tire. The systems can monitor the tractor/truck and trailer tire pressures independently or simultaneously, and the sensors are designed to work on tires and wheels of all sizes, up to 200 psi.

The PressurePro Tire Monitor system addresses the “Drop & Hook” nature of tractor/trailers fleets.  The Intelligent Repeater (IR) is mounted on the trailer, and The Intelligent Repeater communicates through the ABS wiring to the Monitor (or Bridge) in the tractor.  Trailer Sensors are programmed to the Intelligent Repeater. When the tractor and trailer are tethered, the Monitor picks up the trailers Sensor ID’s, pressures and the wheel positions from the Intelligent Repeater.  When the trailer is unhooked, the Monitor in the tractor forgets that trailer and looks for another trailer.  When a trailer with an Intelligent Repeater is introduced and powered, the Monitor recognizes that Intelligent Repeater and the tractor/trailer combo are ready to go.

The PressurePro Tire Monitoring System is design for either tractor/trailer or both, with drop & hook capabilities, and interphase with GPS or QUALCOMM data system.  The system is maintenance free, and requires no OEM installation, reducing cost dramatically.

PressurePro and TPIS

1) Reduce tire blowouts and added maintenance, 2) Reduce loss and damage, 3) Minimize potential for accidents, 4) Improve service to your customers, 5) and Increase revenue per mile. 

By using Intouch Shipping Technology LTD’s system, you'll improve the safety, efficiency and performance of your vehicle while also extending the life of your tires. The TPIS and the PressurePro tire monitor easily mounted on any type of Tractor trailer The TPIS is readily accessible to the driver. It can only be used while in the park position. The TPIS and air bags are lightweight, weighing less than 40 lbs The Trailer Pneumatic Inflation System (TPIS) meets the requirements of National highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHSTA) and the Code of Federal Regulations CFR 49 Sec 571.121 and come with a life time warranty.

The Tire Monitor is design for anything that uses pneumatic tires Cars, Pickup Trucks, RV & construction vehicles, semi-tractor trailers.  Please Call For Pricing.

Tire Pressure Sensors

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