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The Art of Centerlining & Perishable Freight!

The combination of the IST's air bags and the TPIS will allow loads to be "Centerlined" within the trailer.

Centerlining loads was developed from a series of studies that showed when goods are loaded against the inner surface of containers or trailers they take on the climactic characteristics of outside weather, freezing in colder climates and spoilage in warmer climates, ultimately reducing the shelf life of the products.

centerlining loadCenterlining is achieved by placing pallets in two rows next to each other to create an open space between the load and the interior walls of the shipping container. The product is not in contact with the wall of the trailer. Only the air bags are in contact with the product.

This loading technique assures maximum air circulation around the product, extending the shelf life of the product. The trailer's refrigeration unit operates more efficiently, saving fuel and maintenance. Air bag use also extends the life of your trailer, applying uniform pressure on the walls of the trailer, unlike that of load locks.

Centerlining Load ExampleIST, Ltd. has developed a centerlining air bag that is expandable with temperature and altitude changes. The centerlining bag has a distinct strength that conforms to the shape of the product. Our bag fights off heat and cold air conducted from the outside, that is emitted from the road, across the trailer floor, walls and doors and quickly adapts to the optimum transit temperature.


  • Increase Shelf Life Centerlining loads with IST's air bags and TPIS will increase your products shelf life and longevity by maintaining cold air circulation.
  • Reduce Damage and Claims Protect the entire load from shifting and falling within the trailer.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction Product arrives as it left without damage or spoilage.

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