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Q: What causes damage?

A: Poor packing, poor pallet and box configuration, poor handling and load practices and unfilled void space in the trailer. 

Q: What are the effects of shifting loads and damaged freight?

A: Shifting loads cause accidents, injuries, deaths, and unhappy customers. Valuable time is spent sorting, recouping, restacking, reshrink-wrapping and reworking the load all affect dock production and strain customer relations. 

Q: What are the most common types of freight damage?

A: The most common type of freight damage is crushing in the vertical plane 13.2%, crushing in the horizontal plane 35.5%, double and triple decked skids bouncing in transit cause dents or dings.

Q: Where does most product damage occur?

A: Most product damage occurs in transit or warehouses, so shippers will greatly benefit by making improvements in these areas.

Q: Can damaged freight be considered just a part of doing business?

A: No! freight damage doesn't have to be just a part of doing business. Loads can be braced by using a combination of patented technology like the Cargo Pillow® and corrugated cardboard void fillers.

Q: Are there laws that require freight to be secured?

A: Yes, effective 12/26/02, enforced 01/01/04, the north American Cargo Securement Act - standard for protection againt shifting and falling cargo.

Q: What are the true costs of loss and damage?

A: Example: If you have a claim for $50.00 and you have a net profit margin of 2%, you would need to sell $2500 worth of product just to recoupe these costs of damage.

Q: How does Intouch Shipping Technology LTD 's Cargo Pillow® compare to other manufacturers' air bags?

A: IST holds a patent technology that ensures the bags work in higher elevations. The Cargo Pillow® also has pantented tie down tabs that allows them to remain in place. We use overlap seams increasing strength over that of peel seems offered by our competitors. The Cargo Pilllow® absorbs shock from movement over rough roads, through curves, construction zones and sudden stops.  Intouch Shipping Technology LTD can customize the Pillow to fill any size void. Our bags will expand and contract with temperature.

Q: What types of bags does Intouch Shipping Technology LTD offer?

A: Intouch Shipping Technology LTD  offers paper, polyethylene, plastic, vinyl and polyurethane bags.

Q: How many times can Intouch Shipping Technology LTD 's air bags be used?

A: The special design of our air bags ensure the bags can be reused many times.

Q: What bags are reusable?

A: All of our air bags are reusable from paper to the vinyl and polyurethane bags. If a loader makes a mistake loading the trailer the air bag does not have to be destroyed, just let the air out and reinflate.

Q: Why use Intouch Shipping Technology LTD 's air bags over other bags?

A: We have seen and tested all of the competitors' various products. Our patented design works better. 

Q: How do I increase shelf-lfe of refridgerated product?

A: By using Intouch Shipping Technology LTD 's centering pillow. This pillow is placed in the trailer and allows air to circulate around it, thus the product will not take on the characteristics of the outside temperature, hot or cold weather. The product inside can maintain optimum transit temperature, thereby increasing the shelf-life of the product.

Q: How do I determine what size Cargo Pillow® to use?

A: Measure the void space between cargo, measure the distance from the floor to top of the load and measure the length and width of the pallets. Download Air Bag sizing form. 

Q: What type of equipment is necessary to inflate the Cargo Pillow®?

A: Intouch Shipping Technology LTD  has a patented, first of its kind, trailer pneumatic inflation system, offering the ability to inflate the bag directly from the truck. The Cargo Pillow® can also be inflated via compressed air from a typical air source and inflation system. 

Q: How do I get a quote?

A: Contact Intouch Shipping Technology LTD at 608-514-8089 or email us at

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