Intouch Shipping Technology LTD provides for all your dunnage bag, air bag and cargo securement needs (Inside and Out).
Intouch Shipping Technology LTD
Cargo Securement Solutions
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Intouch Shipping Technology LTD was founded in 1999, recognizing the need for improved freight protection. IST offers a wealth of experience in the transportation industry. Our officers have over 23 years of experience driving over-the-road as owner/operators, company drivers and dispatchers for a shipper. Distributors of our products have over 40 years of experience as independent owner/operators and as company drivers. Because of this experience, we understand the needs of the shipper, the consignee and the trucking company. We provide a one-stop shop for all your cargo securement needs.

Intouch Shipping Technology LTD facility Intouch Shipping Technology LTD facility

Intouch Shipping Technology LTD Mission Statement: Our Mission is to provide products that will bring the transportation and shipping industry together to improve customer satisfaction and drive down operating costs
We strive to provide high-quality, cost-effective products that will:

  • Reduce our customers operating costs
  • Improve highway safety
  • Protect cargo from damage
  • Reduce insurance claims
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Save time & money
Intouch Shipping Technology, Ltd is committed to continuous product development and excellent customer service. You can rest assure that all of IST, Ltd Cargo Pillows are earth friendly and all or reusable. For company that is environmentally conscience and wants to go green, our products make it easy for your company to go green and protect the earth. By incorporating the four R’s into our product design

REDUCE: Reduction practice that decrease waste in our manufacturing process and in the finish product.

REUSE: The reusability of all our cargo pillows will help your company reduce waste, transit damage to product, the need to reship or replace damage goods, their fore reducing fuel consumption shipping and fuel cost, which help our environment.

RECYCLE: Recycling diverts hundreds of millions of ton of waste from landfills. All of cargo pillows are 100% recyclable.

REPLACE: IST, LTD look at alternative that are more suitable or enhance efficiency through renewable resources, biobased material or design improvements.

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 ISTLTD uses recycled materialsIntouch Shipping Technology LTD is proud to use recycled materials.